Western Equatoria

Llyr Attala

Western Equatoria


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J. J. Akol (2008). Conference of Traditional Authority Leaders in Western Equatoria State Politics and Political Agreements
Meet (2010). A report on Livelihood Survey in Central and Western Equatoria of South Sudan Economics and Livelihoods
National Bureau of Statistics: Key Indicators Western Equatoria State
Phelan and Wood (2006). An Uncertain Return. Report on current and potential impact of displaced people retyrning to Southern Sudan Human Rights and Protection, International Assistance and Interventions
Schomerus and Rigterink (2015). Participation and Poltical Accountabilitiy in Western Equatoria State Economics and Livelihoods
Schomerus, M and Rigterin (2015). Participation and Political Accountability in South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State Economics and Livelihoods
T. Allen (2007) . Witchcraft, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS among the Azande of Sudan Anthropology and History
Vandewint et al (2007). The Impact of the LRA on Communities in Western Equatoria State Conflict


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