Eastern Equatoria

Llyr Attala

Eastern Equatoria


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Hance (1955) The Zande Scheme in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Anthropology and History
IOM (2013) Village Assessment Survey. Eastern Equatoria
Mc Evoy (2008). Gauging Fear and Insecurity: Perspectives on Armed Violence in Eastern Equatoria and Turkana North Anthropology and History, Conflict
Muggah (2008). Surveying Armed Violence and Victimisation in Southern Sudan Conflict, Human Rights and Protection
Muller- Dempf (2008). The Ngibokoi Dilemma. Generation Sets and Social System Engineering in Times of Stress Anthropology and History
National Bureau of Statistics: Key Indicators Eastern Equatoria State
Ochan (2007). Responding to Violence in Ikotos County. South Sudan Government and local Efforts to Restore Order Conflict
Ojil (2004). Report on Peace and Reconiliation Conferene of the Lokoya and Olu'bo Communities of the East Bank Legal
Reconcile (2005). Mini Dialogue Peace and Reconciliation between Pastoral Communities in Eastern Equatoria Conflict
Roth and Kurup (1989). Polygyny as Social and Biological Differentiation among Toposa Agro Pastoralists of Southern Sudan Anthropology and History
Shanmugaratnam (2011). Resettlement, Resource, Conflicts, Livelihood Revivial and Reintegration in South Sudan Economics and Livelihoods
Walraet (2008). Governance, Violence and the Struggle for Economic Regulation in South Sudan Conflict, Economics and Livelihoods


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