lisa monaghan

International Crisis Group (2009). Jonglei's Tribal Conflicts: Countering Insecurity in South Sudan

This report examines a series of conflict triggers that shed light on the spike in deadly violence in 2009. It highlights three of the primary conflict cycles in Jonglei and adjoining areas across the border in Upper Nile over the past year: those involving the Dinka, Lou Nuer, Jikany Nuer, and Murle communities. In doing so, it looks at factors both causing and exacerbating the violence, as well as the politicisation of conflict, the possibility of instigation from the North and new conflict dynamics. Using Jonglei as an example, it also examines deficits in
the security sector at both the state and national level.

Category: Anthropology and History, Conflict

Sub-category: Armed Groups/Actors, Socio-Cultural Groups and Practices