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WFP/UNHCR (2013). Examining Protection and Gender in Cash and Voucher Transfers

The study presents the findings in terms of how programmes using cash and voucher transfers considered such protection and gender issues as dignity; empowerment; safety of beneficiaries (and staff); equal access to assistance; participation of beneficiaries; inclusion (or, most often in this study, exclusion) of the vulnerable, particularly in CFW activities; and the impacts on social dynamics (at the household and community levels). The study also examined the use of technology (its positive and negative consequences) and beneficiary preferences, because these issues arose frequently in the discussions. It is important to note that many of the protection and gender issues discussed in this study would be equally applicable to in-kind assistance.

With the increased use of both cash and voucher transfers, an opportunity exists to address long-standing protection and gender concerns in programming, and the findings should be considered with this in mind.

Category: Protection and Coordination Tools


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