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Joint Assessment Mission (2005). Framework for Sustained Peace, Development and Poverty Eradication

A “Framework for Sustained Peace, Development and Poverty Eradication”, described by its authors as 'an ambitious but realistic plan that has been developed jointly with development partners and civil society to address the urgent task of meeting the basic aspirations of our people and accelerating progress towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals. It is founded on a clear recognition of the very different needs in different parts of the country, and especially the massive needs of the people of the South, and the Three Areas, while not neglecting other disadvantaged parts of the country. Despite the differences, there are common themes, which include the focus on broad-based and inclusive economic growth, and empowerment of the people through a decentralized system of governance and service delivery. It is also a strategy and vision that will give the unity of Sudan a chance during the Interim Period by making it attractive and through a reformed and fully developed system of governance in which all Sudanese are equal stakeholders.' An interesting read and reflection on how assistance, interventions and context could have been different.

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