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Human Rights Watch (1998) Famine in Sudan. The Human Rights Cause

No one knows how many people have died in Sudan’s famine in the 1990's or how many remained at risk—one reason the famine of 1998 was not recognized sooner as the catastrophe it was. But the United Nations estimated that as of July 1998 there were 2.6 million people at risk of starvation in Sudan, out of a total population of about 27 million. This famine was caused and is being perpetuated by human rights abuses by all parties to the civil war, now in its fifteenth year. Indeed, 2.4 million of those at risk of famine were in southern Sudan, the main arena of the war. Over 15 years later, lessons can continue to be drawn from this famine and the modern response in what is now South Sudan.

Category: Anthropology and History


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