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IOM (2013) Village Assessment Survey. Western Bahr El Ghazal

The Village Assessment Survey (VAS) has been used by IOM since 2007 and is a comprehensive data source for South Sudan that provides granular data from 30 priority counties with the aim of informing reintegration assistance around basic services and infrastructure, livelihoods, land and shelter, WASH, education, health, and protection. The most recent VAS represents IOM’s largest effort to date and after consultations with the Government of South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), UN agencies, and state-level partners, 30 priority counties were identified for the assessment. These comprise of 871 bomas, 197 payams, 468 health facilities, and 1,277 primary schools. There was a particular emphasis on assessing payams outside state capitals, where comparatively fewer comprehensive assessments have been carried out. IOM conducted the VAS in priority counties that represent an estimated 72% of the returnee population


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