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Professional Standards for Protection Work (ICRC)

Protecting people caught up in armed conflict and other situations of violence is a critical challenges. Today's conflicts are increasingly accompanied by deliberate acts of violence, coercion and deprivation targeted at civilian populations. Since the late 1990's conflicts in Rwanda, DRC, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, OPTI and South Sudan have variously been termed "protection crises". As such the involvement of  human rights organisations, humanitarian actors and peacekeeping missions, with differing mandates and mode of operating has increased and a need for common standards of work made ever more essential. In an effort to create this the ICRC has developed in  intensive consultation with human rights and humanitarian actors the following minimum standards. For protection actors in South Sudan these standards should form the core of how they operate and also engage with conflict affected populations. It also provides some guidance on how to increase the complementarity of responses between different actors. This should be read in conjunction with the guide on increasing accountability to affected populations.



Category: Protection and Coordination Tools

Sub-category: National


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