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lisa monaghan

Pastoralism, Conflict and Recovery (2016)

In April 2016 protection, conflict and pastoralist experts convened in a roundtable discussion on pastoralism, conflict and recovery in South Sudan. During the two-year conflict, an unprecedented number of cattle have been separated from their owners, often through the violent raids that have contributed to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Alongside horrific levels of violence, the targeting of assets and livelihoods has been a characteristic of the current conflict. When the violence subsides and people feel safe to return home and rebuild their communities, they will likely seek to resume their agro-pastoral livelihoods as well.
This brief policy paper was developed through the roundtable meeting of experts and reflects the key points of the discussions as well as recommendations for the broader international community. The paper was drafted by the independent consultant who also facilitated the meeting.

Category: Conflict, Economics and Livelihoods

Sub-category: Displacement and Protection of Civilian Sites, International Assistance and Interventions, Land, Peace


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