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Deng (2016) ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’: Land Rights and Displacement in Juba, South Sudan

This paper represents an initial effort to scope relevant issues relating to the land rights of displaced populations, with a view towards anticipating some of the legal issues that are likely to arise with large-scale return and resettlement activities in urban areas of South Sudan.[1] The paper focuses on land rights issues that arise in Juba as a result of the large-scale violence and displacement that has taken place since December 2013. The paper is organized in two sections. Section one provides an overview of relevant land governance mechanisms and processes and section two goes into greater detail about the land rights issues confronting IDPs in Juba. The conclusion offers closing remarks and recommendations to inform thinking on this issue moving forward.

[1] Research for this paper was conducted over a two-week period in May and June 2015. Information was compiled through a desk review of secondary source material and field interviews with displaced persons, returnees and other key informants in Juba. The primary purpose of the research was to highlight trends and scope issues for further study. Due to the limited timeframe, the research cannot provide detailed and definitive findings about the factual circumstances surrounding the incidents described by informants. Informant views should rather be taken as an expression of their viewpoint on a particular topic or incident, subject to other possible different viewpoints. Other limitations that should be borne in mind include the effect that the sensitivity of the topic of land, prevailing insecurity in many parts of Juba, and exposure to trauma among study informants have on the type of information that people provide.

Category: Human Rights and Protection, Legal

Sub-category: Displacement and Protection of Civilian Sites, Land, National


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