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UN (2015). Interim report of the Panel of Experts on South Sudan established pursuant to Security Council resolution 2206 (2015)

In the 10 weeks since it began its work, the Panel of Experts on South Sudan has travelled extensively within South Sudan and to Ethiopia, Kenya, the Sudan and Uganda. Throughout, the Panel has consulted the parties prosecuting the war and those most affected by it, including internally displaced persons, tribal and community leaders, civil society organizations, humanitarian actors and peacekeepers. The report represents the preliminary findings of that research. Since the adoption of resolution 2206 (2015) by the Security Council, the situation in South Sudan has deteriorated precipitously, posing a significant threat not only to the country’s citizens but also to the peace and security of the entire region.


In the coming weeks, the Security Council will have to consider the applic ation of resolution 2206 (2015) in the context of two possible scenarios. First, should the parties fail to sign the compromise agreement on the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan recently proposed by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, by 17 August, an assessment of responsibility for that failure and swift action commensurate with that responsibility will be critical. Second, should the parties sign an agreement, the prevailing issue will be not only the implementation of that agreement and an end to the violence, but also the promotion of national reconciliation and a durable and inclusive political settlement for South Sudan, including ensuring accountability for serious crimes committed throughout the war. Resolution 2206 (2015) foresees a role for sanctions under either scenario.

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