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Brian Garst (2015). Stumbling Toward Peace in South Sudan

Four years ago the world celebrated the independence of South Sudan and the role its formation was seen to play in ending decades of civil war in Sudan. Now, the world's youngest nation is embroiled in its own burgeoning civil conflict, and the international community has again mobilized to demand peace in the region. As they weigh in, global leaders should be mindful of the lessons learned to date and avoid ham-fisted efforts that prioritize smothering conflict over securing real stability.

Through consideration of the successes and failures of previous efforts in the region, this paper will identify where the international community may be doing more harm than good. It will further provide a critique of the current IGAD-led process, while providing guidance for how to better secure lasting peace.

Category: Conflict, International Assistance and Interventions

Sub-category: Peace, Regional


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