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Protection Cluster, Trends Paper April-June 2015

This report is the fifth in a series of Protection Trends papers prepared by the South Sudan Protection Cluster in close collaboration with the three sub-clusters and other protection actors.3 After providing an overview of the main security, political and economic developments, the paper discusses selected key issues reported and observed between 1 April and early July 2015: forced displacement, gender- based violence, grave violations of children’s rights, protection threats at UNMISS Protection of Civilians (POC) sites, the protection situation outside the Greater Upper Nile region, landmines and explosive remnants of war, and issues around humanitarian space. The report concludes with recommendations for key actors regarding measures that could improve the protection environment and mitigate the effects of ongoing protection threats. The analysis is based on information received from multiple credible sources, including direct witness testimonies, reports by protection actors, and information from the media and other public sources.

Category: Conflict, International Assistance and Interventions

Sub-category: Displacement and Protection of Civilian Sites, UNMISS and Peacekeeping


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