lisa monaghan

UNDP (2005). Traditional Authority in South Sudan

The purpose of the research study described in this report is to give advice to the Local Government Secretariat on the role of Traditional Authority figures in local-level governance in South Sudan. With this purpose in mind, the individual fieldwork reports of this study describe in detail the situation on the ground at present, while the current report aims to summarize those findings and to make broad recommendations based on the findings. Case studies were carried out in 14 different locations by 5 teams over a 5 week period in January/February 2005 in a collaboration between UNDP and the Local Government Secretariat of the SPLM. The work aims at providing the Government of South Sudan with some concrete recommendations for creating a Traditional Authority (TA) framework which will be developed according to the empirical findings of this stud.

Category: Anthropology and History

Sub-category: Community


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