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Oakland Institute (2011). Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa Nile Trading and Development, Inc. in South Sudan

The largest land deal in South Sudan to date was negotiated between a Dallas, Texas-based firm, Nile Trading and Development Inc. (NTD) and Mukaya Payam Cooperative in March 2008. The 49-year land lease of 600,000 hectares (with a possibility of 400,000 additional hectares) for 75,000 Sudanese Pounds (equivalent to approximately USD 25,000), allows NTD full rights to exploit all natural resources in the
leased land. These include:
• Right to develop, produce and exploit timber/forestry resources on the leased land, including, without limitation, the harvesting of current tree growth, the planting and harvesting of hardwood trees, and the development of woodbased industries;
• Right to trade and profit from any resulting carbon credits from timber on the leased land;
• Right to engage in agricultural activities, including the cultivation of biofuel crops (jatropha plant and palm oil trees);
• Right to explore, develop, mine, produce and/or exploit petroleum, natural gas, and other hydrocarbon resources for
both local and export markets, as well as other minerals, and may also engage in power generation activities on the leased land;
• Right to sublease any portion or all of the leased land or to sublicense any right to undertake activities on the leased land to third parties.
In addition, the Cooperative agrees to not oppose the undertaking of any such activities by NTD on the leased land and to cooperate with the company in any efforts to obtain more concessions from the government of South Sudan.

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