lisa monaghan

Shanmugaratnam (2011). Resettlement, Resource, Conflicts, Livelihood Revivial and Reintegration in South Sudan

The present study focused on resettlement of returnees, resource conflicts, reintegration and livelihood revival in Magwi. The situation in Nimule was studied in some depth with a view to construct a more detailed picture of the complex situation that had developed due to war-induced migrations and the post-CPA challenges of resettlement, reintegration and livelihood revival. The study was framed with due consideration to the larger post-CPA context in S. Sudan. It unravels some key aspects of the social-political-economic dynamics at the local level in a way that makes it relevant to policy, institutional change and capacity building in S. Sudan. The following concluding remarks while stating the main conclusions also offer ideas for further action.

Category: Economics and Livelihoods

Sub-category: Displacement and Protection of Civilian Sites, International Assistance and Interventions, Land


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