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Sarkesian (1973). The Southern Sudan Reassessment

In light of the bitterness engendered over the past 150 years between the North and South Sudan--especially during the past two decades--the Addis Ababa Agreement signed in February 1972 is indeed a singular event. (For a text of the agreement, see "Agreement Issue" 1972, pp. 18 and 22; full text on pp. 17-26.) Not only did this mark the end of the seventeen-year-old insurgency in the South, but it may well mark the beginning of a new phase in the relationships between the two regions. This is particularly important when it is noted that apparently neither side achieved their declared objectives. There is a need for caution, however. The basis for future relationships, as well as the effectiveness of the post-insurgency reconstruction, rest on the outcome of the eighteen-month interim arrangement, which is a basic part of the Addis Ababa Agreement...

Category: Anthropology and History

Sub-category: Peace, Regional


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