lisa monaghan

Rolandsen (2009). Land, Security and Peacebuilding in the Southern Sudan

Violence and insecurity threatens peacebuilding in the Southern Sudan and the 2011 referendum on self-determination. The Sudan’s interim period which started with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) 9 January 2005 is now reaching its final phase but communities in the South still face multiple types of violence stemming from local and regional tensions as well as conflicts at the national and even international level. The underlying causes of this predicament are a tense political setting, a highly militarised society in terms of access to weapons and a lowered threshold to settle disputes with violence, and, finally, lack of institutional capacity to provide security and to prevent, contain and solve conflict in the Southern Sudan. This situation invites the use of violence as a means to further the interests of groups and individuals. The solution lies in a two-stage process starting with short-term drastic measures and proper planning of long-term measures addressing the underlying factors causing this predicament. Only when this first stage is finalised will longterm measures have the desired effect.....

Category: Conflict, International Assistance and Interventions

Sub-category: Land


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