lisa monaghan

Rolandsen (2005). Guerilla Government Political Changes in the Southern Sudan

Guerrilla Government is an analysis of continuity and change in Southern Sudanese politics in the period 1990–2000. One event – the 1994 National Convention of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A)1 – is the focal point of the study. The Convention was, and to some extent still is, regarded by most members of the SPLM/A as one the Movement’s greatest achievements. The National Convention gathered 516 delegates, including representatives of the SPLM/A and civilians representing local constituencies. At the Convention, the birth of the “New Sudan” was announced on behalf of the people of the Southern Sudan, including Southern Kordofan and the Southern Blue Nile. The assembly approved a long list of resolutions, which entailed a radical restructuring of the Movement. It was believed that it would bring radical changes to the SPLM/A and to the Southern Sudanese population as a whole. The National Convention thus became a symbol of the Movement’s improvement and reform. The description and discussion of its background, the preparations, the Convention itself and its aftermath provide an analytical frame within which the political history of the Southern Sudan can be presented.

Category: Anthropology and History, Conflict

Sub-category: Armed Groups/Actors, National


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