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Pantuliano (2005). Comprehensive Peace. Underdevelopment and Instability in Eastern Sudan.

This study was undertaken to gain a better understanding of the situation in eastern Sudan in order to inform the development of an appropriate action oriented programming strategy for a number of agencies with interests in the region. The findings of the research were generated through extensive fieldwork with large numbers of key informants, including senior government and opposition representatives, local leaders, diplomats, academics, international agencies staff and community members. The document describes how the Beja and others in eastern Sudan have coped with the complexity of their local eco-system and been able to recover from recurrent drought and outbreak of famine. It argues that the resilience of their livelihoods system has been significantly weakened due to external factors, many of which date back to misguided policies in colonial times. Such policies continued after independence, resulting in systematic underdevelopment and marginalisation. This situation led to the emergence of a political opposition and latterly to tension and armed confrontation in part of the region. Whilst the conflict has been very low key over the last decade, it is apparent that the tension is rising in many parts of eastern Sudan, particularly in urban centres.

Category: Conflict, Economics and Livelihoods

Sub-category: Regional


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