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PACT (2009). Natural Resource Management, Equity and Conflict.

Pact Sudan has been working in southern Sudan and the Three Areas in peace building and conflict resolution and water programmes since the pre-CPA days. With the signing of the CPA in 2005, Pact Sudan realigned its programmatic efforts into a more holistic manner taking into consideration the context that is ushered in by the CPA. This Pact Sudan new strategy looks at how comprehensive and holistic our programming is to be able respond to the CPA era with possible greater impact. One of the identified thematic areas of interest is the Natural Resources Management, (NRM). In order to help draw up a more responsive and relevant NRM strategy, Pact Sudan planned for a baseline assessment on NRM and its implications on the lives of the communities; emerging legal/policy frameworks and the overall peace building field. Hence, in July 2009 with funding from Canadian government (DFAIT), Pact Sudan engaged Ms. Caroline Gullick to carry out a natural resource assessment and conflict mapping exercise in various locations in Jonglei and Eastern Equatoria States through the Enhancing Peace and Community Stability (EPACS) project. In the past years, conflicts have increasingly flared up in these two States because of the existence natural resources, some are historical and ongoing; some reignited and some new in reaction to the changing demands in pursuit of development. The rich endowment of natural resources of these two states in the future may become a blessing or a burden depending on how all levels of stakeholders respond now. This document therefore provides an overview of the inter-play between NRM and conflict dynamics in Jonglie and Eastern Equatoria states.

Category: Conflict, Economics and Livelihoods


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