lisa monaghan

Okazaki (1992). A Gamk Anti-Dingi Ritual. The imagination of power among a Pre-Nilotic People

During the 1990 rainy season, the Ingessana Hills were attacked and plundered severely by several thousand guerrillas. The people of the Hills, who call themselves Gamk, were extremely shocked at the event. Later on, the villagers carried out a big ritual, called 'the word/problem of the Dinka' (kor e Dingi), in which they acted out a 'glorious' fight against the 'power' of the invaders, Dingi. This short essay is intended to portray how Gamk villagers are trying today to re-define and re-create the situation through their experience of power.

Category: Anthropology and History, Conflict

Sub-category: Socio-Cultural Groups and Practices


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