lisa monaghan

Mullen (2006). Measuring Socio Economic Patterns in Chronic Conflict Situation. South Sudan

The usual sources of microeconomic data for the measurement of poverty, economic status and economic inequality in less-developed countries are population-representative household surveys of
income and consumption (Deaton, 1997). However, due to their cost and complexity, such surveys are often not done, requiringmore creative methods to measure socio-economic status. This is particularly the case in chronic conflict and post-conflict situations such as Southern Sudan. The region has experienced civil conflict off and on since Sudan’s independence in 1956, with the most recent phase
starting in 1983. A peace agreement signed in 2005 provides hope that the economic and social effects of decades of war will start to be addressed. Measurement of socio-economic patterns in Southern Sudan should inform post-conflict development programs....

Category: Economics and Livelihoods


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