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Schwabe and Kuojok (1981). Practices and Beliefs of the Traditional Dinka Healer in Relation to Provision of Modern Medican and Veterinary Services

AN ADVISORY GROUP on development of primary health care programs for the southern Sudan (Lolik et al. 1976) recommended that "understanding between traditional
healers and [official] health personnel [should be achieved] through regular discussions" and suggested that traditional healers might be enlisted as grassroots cooperators in community health programs. This suggestion is consistent with the growing interest of the World Health Organization, as well as of Third World governments in Africa and elsewhere, in increased communications and cooperation between traditional healers and practitioners of "Western" medicine. To these ends, a WHO Regional Expert Committee on Traditional Medicine in Africa was convened in 1976 (WHO 1976), alternative approaches to African traditional medicine have been advocated by individual scholars (Dunlop 1975; Nchinda 1976) and at least one training program for traditional healers has been organized.....

Category: Anthropology and History, Economics and Livelihoods

Sub-category: Community, Local, Socio-Cultural Groups and Practices


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