lisa monaghan

Martin (201). Gender, violence and survival in Juba, Southern Sudan

Five years after the formal end of the Sudanese civil war, poverty, vulnerability and insecurity remain serious problems in Juba, the Southern capital.
• Incorporating gender analysis within assessment frameworks and conflict
analyses can contribute to a more informed understanding amongst aid actors of the underlying dynamics
of vulnerability and insecurity in Juba, and the different impacts rapid urbanisation and long-term conflict and displacement are having on men and women.
• Where they exist, current approaches to gender within policy and programming overwhelmingly focus on women. There
are many areas where women have unequal positions in society. However, without a broader gender analysis, one
that considers the needs of both men and women, assistance risks reinforcing negative patterns of need rather than actively helping to a
address them....

Category: Human Rights and Protection

Sub-category: Community


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