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Acuil Malith (2008). Council of Traditional Authority Leaders in South Sudan

Mandate and Assumptions by PASS
1. The plinth of PASS mandate and mission is in the Articles 5, Article 173 (6) (i) and
specially 175 (2) of Southern Sudan Interim Constitution 2005 that mandates each state
of South Sudan to establish and to support the Council of Traditional Authority Leaders
2. PASS is to work in collaboration with Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) through
(1) Southern Sudan Local Government Board (2) Ministry of Legal Affairs and
Constitutional Development, and (3) Southern Sudan Peace Commission. Funding
remained to be determining participation levels.
3. Currently the main funding partners of PASS are Government of Switzerland and United
State Institute of Peace (USIP). PASS works in collaboration with targeted state
authority to approve the conference to take place, invitation of Traditional Authorities
and local coordination between state government and counties commissioners.
4. Traditional Authority under is expected to play vital role in linking developmental work,
services delivery and good governance with all stakeholders in South Sudan. Traditional
Authority under Boma is the first layer of government after Payam, County, State and
GoSS at Juba Level.
5. PASS assumes that many developmental and humanitarian agencies would have desire
and commitment to work with Traditional Authority. For this reason we hope that our
efforts to help Traditional Authority to be reorganized, be recognized and interactively
work with shall be a mutual benefit for all stakeholders.
6. PASS has so far helped in organizing three successful conferences each in Lakes State,
Central Equatoria State and Eastern Equatoria State. Each of the conferences resulted
into passing of Basic Principles governing the formed Council of Traditional Authority
Leaders in respective state.
7. The council shall empower the chiefs to play expected roles and to interactively
participate in formulation of policies resulting into enactment of Council of Traditional
Authority Leaders Act in each of ten states of South Sudan and the overall South Sudan.

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