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PCS (2009). The Customary Rights among the the Custimary laws of the Kakwa, Pojulu, Nyamgbara, BakA, Mundu and Avukaya Communities.

It would be unethical for the Project Team to complete the research report without recognizing a class of persons who tirelessly performed to see that this work is successfully accomplished. The team is very grateful and heavily indebted to the following people: First, special regards go to the then Director of Training and Research Counsel General Deng Biong Mijak in the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development (GOSS) JUBA South Sudan, for officially permitting the research to take off and allowing access to the law library for legal research/literature review in the same ministry. Secondly, we extend sincere and general appreciation to Counsel Edla Muga, the Gender Advisor (NPA) South Sudan Program for coordinating the research activities in the Norwegian Peoples’ Aid offices in Juba, and the entire administration of NPA for their support and partnership with the Institute for Promotion of Civil Society (IPCS) by providing logistics in this research project for the Restoration of Women’s Positive Customary Rights in South Sudan. Special thanks are also extended to the Executive Director of IPCS Mr. Oliver Michael for his good administration and the coordination of the organization’s activities. We recall the efforts of Mrs. Agnes Roba the Gender Officer/IPSC who worked closely with us to see that this project registers success. Finally, we appreciate the cooperation and the hospitality of the entire staff of IPSC, and also the field research assistants who tirelessly worked by reaching all the communities studied. Therefore, may the cordial relationships emulated by all the stakeholders mentioned above continue to be safeguarded to enhance the development of South Sudan in particular and Africa in general.

Category: Human Rights and Protection, Legal

Sub-category: Displacement and Protection of Civilian Sites, Land, Socio-Cultural Groups and Practices


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