lisa monaghan

Jauhari (2010). South Sudan. A Fledgling Nation

The citizens of south Sudan are rejoicing in the hope of building a new nation after the referendum next year. They are hoping to finally gain independence from the north and thus create an independent and a prosperous south Sudan. However, prosperity of a nation depends on a number of factors which are conspicuously absent in the case of south Sudan. These include existence of a socially cohesive society and a basic social and economic infrastructure. A socially cohesive society is essential to pave the way for a genuine democracy, while the presence of basic infrastructure provides the institutional base to a nation to successfully operate independently.

The purpose of this paper is to shed light on the absence of these essential prerequisites for prosperity in south Sudan. The paper will focus on the tribal conflicts which are making a sham of democracy and, therefore, undermining the prospects of creation of a cohesive society. In addition, the paper will focus on the low levels of health care and education, food and water supplies and basic physical infrastructure and their impact on creating developmental disparities between the center (Juba) and the rural areas and the peripheral regions. These divisions have the potential of becoming fundamental roadblocks to the creation of a flourishing nation of south Sudan.

Category: International Assistance and Interventions, Politics and Political Agreements

Sub-category: National, Peace


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