lisa monaghan

Jaeckle amd College (2010). Conflict Discourse among Sudanese Refugees

This 1-year ethnographic research, situated in a conflict, social construction, and social ecological theoretical framework, utilized the
Hymes’ S.P.E.A.K.I.N.G. model and field notes to document the verbal and nonverbal conflict discourse, as well as the presence of Dinka cultural attributes, within four specific social contexts: home, church, community meetings, and memorial services. Emerging themes included Speaking “Like a Dinka,” Dinka women and role conflict, tribalism and ethnic conflict, Dinka and economic hardship, and Dinka and face behaviors. Discussion includes the practical impact of this research on an nterpersonal, organizational, community, and intercultural level for conflict analysis and resolution professionals

Category: Anthropology and History

Sub-category: Socio-Cultural Groups and Practices


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