lisa monaghan

El Jack (2003) In The Name of Development. Conflict, Displacement and Gender Transformation in Sudan

This dissertation is a study of the gender relations of displacement that are the result of the complex interplay between militarized conflict
and development-induced displacement in southern Sudan. The dissertation specifically examines the shifts in gender perceptions and
roles before and after the forced displacement of Dinka and Nuer refugees from the oilfield territories in southern Sudan to Kenya and Uganda. Drawing on interviews conducted with Dinka and Nuer refugee women, men and children in Kenya and Uganda, I argue that militarized conflict in combination with forced migration and large-scale development significantly transforms gender relationships. It also provides a context within which to understand and make visible the changing nature of gender relationships of power among the Dinka and Nuer refugees.

Extreme violence, associated with the combined phenomena of militarization and development-induced displacement in southern Sudan, has both positive and negative consequences in the lives of refugees. A significant number of the research participants indicated that their experiences of forced displacement have produced radical changes in their ways of life. Displacement has caused physical dislocation,

Category: Anthropology and History, Human Rights and Protection

Sub-category: Community, Displacement and Protection of Civilian Sites


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