lisa monaghan

Hance (1955) The Zande Scheme in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

Equatoria Province in the Southern Sudan is the scene Aof an interesting and little publicized development scheme designed as an experiment in raising the social and economic level of an African peoples in an isolated area (Fig. 1). The Zande Scheme is situated in the southwest corner of Equatoria Province between Tambura and Maridi (Fig. 2). The village of Yambio, headquarters of the Zande district, is the administrative center for the scheme, and Nzara, 15 miles to the northwest, is the site of the industrial portion of the operation. Nzara is 350 miles west of Juba on the Nile, to which it is connected by trunk road, 15-00 miles from Khartoum, and 2000 miles from Port Sudan.

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