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Haki (2011). Combatting Gender Based Violence in the Customary Courts in South Sudan

Gender-­‐based violence (GBV) is a chronic problem around the world,particularly in societies ravagedbyconflict. In many countries with weak justice systems and plural legal orders the customaryand traditional justice systemscomposed of chiefs and elders handle the vast majority of GBV cases. Human rights presuppose the violation of women’s rights in these venues, but little is actually known of the character or degree of rights protection. South Sudan is faced with a similar dilemma as it  strivesntoward modernization following independence on July 9, 2011.

This report summarizes the approach, methodology, results and recommendations of a recent study of the administration of justice for GBV cases in the customary courts of South Sudan.

Category: Human Rights and Protection, Legal

Sub-category: Community, Land, Local


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