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UNDP (2006) Commissioners Consultation on the Local Government Framework (WES)

The Government of Southern Sudan wants to establish a local government system to provide the basis for the systematic and effective delivery of services. As part of the ongoing consultations and dialogue around both the form and substance of the local government framework, the Government of Southern Sudan together with UNDP, CRS and PACT convened a five-day workshop on the Local Government Framework for Commissioners in Yei. .

The Workshop was a follow up on the Governors’ Forum, October 2006, which discussed and endorsed the Local Government Framework. The workshop’s dual themes – Take Towns to the People and People First capture the determination and the efforts made by the Government of Southern Sudan to establish local government system that takes into account the state’s background, experiences and aspirations of the people.

In his opening remarks, His Excellency, the First Vice President of the Government of Sudan, President of the Government of Southern Sudan, Lieutenant General Salva Kiir Mayardit challenged the workshop participants from all states of Southern Sudan to:

  1. Take a decision on the total number of Counties and how best they can be organized to effectively provide services to the people.
  2. To avoid creating new Counties, before the Local Government Act is approved and passed by the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly.

His Excellency asked the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development to work on power sharing and the functions between States and Counties, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, on the formula of allocation of block grants from the States to the Counties and Ministry of Public Service and Human Resources Development to handle the issue of over employment and the staff ceiling in the Counties.

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