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Gordon (1986) Developments in the Land Law of the Sudan: A Legislative Analysis

With the promulgation of the Sudanese Civil Transactions Act, 1984, in February, 1984, the Republic of the Sudan joined several other Arab countries (e.g. Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Libya) which have codified major areas of their non-criminal law. The Sudan's previous attempt at such codification was short-lived: the Civil Code, 1971 was repealed in 1973. Although many sectors of the Sudanese legal establishment have been critical of the 1984 legislation, because of questions regarding the quality of the draftsmanship and the absence of its circulation for comment prior to promulgation, it remains the most comprehensive single piece of legislation since the 1971 Civil Code, covering such topics as contract, sales, tort, gift, insurance, bailment and property, both real and personal. This article will survey all current Sudanese legislation affecting real property, including, most importantly, the Civil Transactions Act, 1984. Because there are more than twenty-five separate legislative acts in the Sudan relating to land, comprising more than six hundred relevant sections, the discussion herein must of necessity be to highlight the major divisions of the current land law, pointing out its distinctive features and those areas in which it appears that conflicts exist as between the various pieces of legislation

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