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General Secretaries of Bishops (2008). Statement of the Sudanese Heads of Churches

We, Heads of Churches of the Sudan, their Representatives, General Secretaries and Women Leaders of our Churches, assembled in the Juba Peoples’ Forum meeting in Juba, Southern Sudan, on 1st to 5th August 2008 under the theme “The Road towards Self Determination and Popular Consultation-Understanding the Achievements and Challenges of the CPA”. Aware of our spiritual responsibility, affirming our lead to bring about justice, peace and reconciliation, we have spent four days of very valuable discussions, listening and in dialogue with one another, to assess the current situation in our country and plan how the Church can respond in co-operation with our communities and government. Being grateful to the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC), the Sudan Ecumenical Forum (SEF) and all our partners who helped organise this Forum; commending the Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference, Sudan Focal Point-Europe and RECONCILE staff persons who
diligently and skilfully facilitated the Forum, we hereby state the following.....

Category: Politics and Political Agreements

Sub-category: Community, Local


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