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UN-DPKO Policy on Integrated Assessment and Planning

A. Purpose and rationale
1. The purpose of this policy is to define the minimum and mandatory requirements for the integrated conduct of assessments and planning in conflict and post-conflict settings where an integrated UN presence is in place or is being considered, and to outline responsibilities of UN actors in this process.

2. Integrated assessment and planning processes are intended to maximise the individual and collective impact of the context-specific peace consolidation activities of the UN system. While there are important systemic constraints to integration within the UN, it is crucial that, at a minimum, the political, peacekeeping, humanitarian, human rights and development entities of the organization share a common analysis and agree on a set of common strategic objectives for peace consolidation as a starting point for planning and implementing their responses in conflict and post-conflict settings.

3. Integrated assessments and planning are essential to (i) improve the quality of the situational analysis, (ii) design interventions that are tailored to the requirements of each situation, (iii) support the effective management of integrated presences in line with mandates and the strategic vision of senior UN leadership, (iv) avoid gaps and overlaps between different UN activities, (v) identify opportunities for closer cooperation across different parts of the UN and (vi) make the UN a more coherent and consistent partner with host governments and other national, regional and international partners.

Category: Protection and Coordination Tools

Sub-category: United Nations, UNMISS and Peacekeeping


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