lisa monaghan

D. Y. B. Deng (2009). The conflicts over natural resources verses South Sudan ungovernability

For those who are used to following any political developments in South Sudan very closely, there is nothing new that may catch them by surprise regarding the pointless recent ethnic conflicts that unfolded among the tribes of Jonglei and Lakes states in South Sudan. Many renowned and knowledgeable political and security analysts from well-established institutions, including the United Nations personnel based in the Southern Sudan, civil rights advocates and concerned Sudanese individuals in Diaspora have raised this particular issue more than one since 2006. This intra-and inter-ethnic rivalry among tribes is not a new thing in these states, because these communities have lived in harmony for centuries and have had a tradition of resolving their disputes traditionally, despite the odds. For a sound mind, albeit raiding is not a new phenomenon in the region, the recent increase in raiding can be attributed to the lack of natural resources, for example, relative food shortages, disparity in access to land and water resources; and ultimately the breakdown of traditional rules/norms and precarious ethnicized politics.

Category: Conflict

Sub-category: Socio-Cultural Groups and Practices


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