lisa monaghan

M. B. Arnold (2007). The South Sudan Defence Forces, Patriots, Collaborators or Spoilers?

Despite stipulations in the Sudan’s 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that all ‘other armed groups’ be demobilised by January 2006, the South Sudan Defence Force (SSDF) continued to maintain a significant armed presence in South Sudan. This paper analyses the dynamics of the organisation, the impact of its ongoing presence on the security situation and reconstruction efforts, and attempts by the government of South Sudan to counteract the SSDF from January to August 2006. It argues that the strategies implemented by the government to counter the SSDF were fairly successful in that there was no major return to conflict. However, it concludes that the SSDF’s continued presence,while hindered, has the potential to spark a return to civil war.

Category: Conflict

Sub-category: Armed Groups/Actors