lisa monaghan

BRACE (2013). Households Economic Analysis (HEA) livelihood Profiles in South Sudan

Food insecurity is a major problem in South Sudan. In 2012, emergency levels of malnutrition were found in 15 counties (mainly border areas including the targeted project states). Target beneficiaries are the moderately food insecure (i.e., those with labour) in rural areas of Warrap, Upper Nile and Northern & Western Bahr el Ghazal States. Several constraints face the target group: (i) Unfavourable rains in 2011 leading to reduced own-crop consumption in 2012; (ii) Reduced access to trade due to the border closure with Sudan leading to higher prices for market goods and lost income; (iii) Closure of oil production in South Sudan leading to lost income; (iv) Continued influx of returnees and refugees leading to increased pressure on local food supplies and local resources; and (v) Other deep causes of poverty including ongoing conflict, weak government capacity, limited services and infrastructure, and poor market integration

Category: Economics and Livelihoods


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