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A. Aldehaib (2010). Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement viewed through the Eyes of Women

This paper draws on the author’s work as an activist and her extensive interaction with civil
society organisations in Sudan, especially in South Sudan. It also draws on MA research
conducted at the University for Peace in Costa Rica, titled ‘Customary Law and Women’s
Rights in a changing World: !e Case of Southern Sudan’. Her knowledge of the women who
survived the devastating civil war – be they women who managed to survive within South
Sudan, those displaced in IDP camps in the North, or those who sought refuge outside of
Sudan - gave her the lens through which to analyse the contemporary situation.
Born in a territory between North and South Sudan, politically speaking the author is from
the North. However, like many Sudanese women, the author feels that being a Sudanese
woman is what is important for her. It is as a Sudanese woman that she feels she has the liberty
to speak about Sudanese women - regardless of their political and geographic a#liations.
!e author recalls walking with a friend from South Sudan, talking about the nature of their
friendship. !e friend said, ‘We are friends because we belong to one tribe … It is the women
tribe, as our identity of being women is equally as important as our identity of being from a
specific tribe or being a Northern or a Southern Sudanese. We share the same oppression
within our socially constructed categories.’

Category: Anthropology and History


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