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UNDP (2012). Community Consultation Report. Unity State.

Community consultations in Unity were held in November-December 2011 and March 2012 in nine counties. The process employed Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) methods to collect data i.e. key informant interviews, community mapping, preference ranking and community action planning, in each of the nine counties. The consultations also looked into how insecurity affects women and youth, particularly through the use of the gender daily calendar. These aided in obtaining an in-depth understanding of community members’ perceptions on the different security issues affecting their respective counties. To facilitate a more open discussion, respondents were at times consulted in separate groups, namely women, youth, traditional leaders/elders, security organs/law enforce-ment team and county administrators.

In summary, participants identified the following key causes of conflict across Unity State:

  • Cattle raiding
  • Competition over water and grazing lands
  • Attacks by rebel militia groups (RMGs)
  • Border conflicts
  • Attacks and abduction of children by Misseriya
  • Inter- and intra-clan fighting
  • Unemployment
  • Food insecurity

Category: Conflict

Sub-category: Community


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