Questions and Reflections

lisa monaghan

Questions and Reflections

Where can i get the best news on South Sudan on Twitter

How can i keep up with breaking news and analysis on South Sudan on twitter. Who are the best people to follow?


After this week’s exciting down-to-the-minute news, many of you have been wondering where to get timely updates on South Sudan. Ask no more as we’ve rounded up the best of South Sudan’s Twitterati. Now of course you can follow up but we are a tweet-a-week kind of crowd so i can see why we are not the source of all your news. Some of these are of course politically biased, but you the reader need to figure that out and make sure you have a range of news and opinion sources. These  suggestions do not suggest we politically endorse the tweets but here are some of the most active tweeters out there. Send in suggestions at on anything we have missed and we can add them on.

Failing all else, you can use the good old #southsudan trick.


















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