About Us

Welcome to the South Sudan humanitarian project. We are guided by one core ethos and that is a belief that humanitarians working in South Sudan want to know more about this fascinating place in which we work. And, that a better understanding of South Sudan will not only improve the quality of programming but also stimulate greater enjoyment of your time in South Sudan.

We will try and bring you a little closer to answering the questions you have in a way that is useful to you (and a little more informal). If you would like to ask us a question, share reports or contribute to the dialogue, we want to hear from you. Our deepest appreciation to everyone who has and who will share their thoughts and work on this site, largely an entirely voluntary basis. Particular thanks go the Swiss Development Cooperation whose assistance and determination to support critical thinking and a lively conversation made this project possible.

Register to the site for more information, or contact us to see how you can get involved with this project.

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